#NameScientific AreaInstitution
1Dr.Matthew BranderCarbon Accounting, Carbon FinanceUniversity of Edinburgh
2Dr.Andreas HoepnerCarbon Accounting, Carbon FinanceUniversity College Dublin, University of Hamburg
3Dr.Martin WainsteinSustainability, Renewable Energy, Ecological EconomicsYale University, MIT
4Dr.Ed HawkinsDecadal variability and predictability of climate, Climate predictionsUniversity of Reading
5Dr.Malte MeinshausenClimate Change, Uncertainties, Emission Scenarios, Carbon Cycle, International Climate Negotiations UNFCC, Simple Climate Model MagicUniversity of Melbourne
6Dr.Jan C.MinxClimate change policy, Carbon dioxide removal, IPCCUniversity of Leeds
7Dr.Claudia StephanCloud-Wave Coupling, Contemporary climate modelsMax Planck Institute for Meteorology
8Dr.David KarolyClimate Change, Climate VariabilityCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
9Dr. Robyn EckersleyEnvironmental Politics, Ethics and Governance of Climate ChangeUniversity of Melbourne
10Dr. Chris RyanEnvironmental Policy and Design, Eco-designUniversity of Melbourne
11Dr.Jan CermakRole of aerosol and clouds in the climate system, Environment - society interactions Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
12Dr.Victor BrovkinClimate-Biogeosphere InteractionsMax Planck Institute for Meteorology
13Dr.Lee GoddenEnvironmental Law, Natural Resources Law (especially water), Property Law and Indigenous Peoples’ Land RightsUniversity of Melbourne
14Dr.Jacqueline PeelEnvironmental Law, Climate Change LawUniversity of Melbourne
15Dr.Katja FrielerClimate Impacts and Vulnerabilities, Climate Impact AttributionPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
16Dr.Margaret YoungEnvironmental Law, Climate Change Law and the Law of the SeaUniversity of Melbourne
17Dr.Peter TaylorSustainable Energy Systems, Energy and Climate Change, Energy Technology Policy, Energy Technology TransitionsUniversity of Leeds
18Dr.Louise JefferyClimate Change PolicyPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
19Dr.Ove Hoegh-GuldbergGlobal Warming and Marine Life, Climate Change and Coral, Biodiversity Studies, Climate ProjectionsUniversity of Queensland
20Dr.Patrick JochemEnvironmental Economics, Climate Change and Road transport
Energy System Analysis
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology