Carbon dioxide


It is a transparent gas that consists of 1 atom of Carbon and 2 atoms of Oxygen. In small concentrations it is odorless, and in higher amounts, it has a sharp acidic odor. It occurs naturally and as a result of human activity.

Any living creature that breathes produces CO2. If you want to see CO2 – look at any carbonated fizzy drink. The bubbles that you see is CO2. This gas also appears when fuel is burned. For example, when we take a flight, the plane burns fuel and emits many substances including CO2.

Why everyone is worried about CO2?

Carbon dioxide has a higher density than air and it stays in the atmosphere for hundreds of years. Humans have lots of factories, cars, planes, power stations, etc. All these burn fuel and emit CO2 in huge volumes.

There are no mechanisms in the atmosphere to dissolve CO2 fast. Some amounts of CO2 broke done by oceans and plants. However, the number of emissions over the last century increased significantly. And nature mechanisms simply can’t cope with amounts of CO2 that humans produce. That is why with the time it simply accumulates in the air.

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