Sea level rise


Sea level changes continuously due to natural causes – tides and seasonal changes. However, there is a constant trend over many decades noted by scientists which shows an increase in sea level globally.

Two main forces are driving this rise. First is the melting of ice in the north and south poles of Earth. It simply adds up to the volume of water that exists on Earth. Another force is the expansion of seawater because of rising temperatures and climate change.

Why should we care about sea level rise? The answer is very simple. Imaging a bath. If you open a tap to fill it in with hot water and forget to stop the flow on time – the water will continue to add up and will eventually flood your whole apartment. The same process happens with sea-level rise. The more water is in oceans and seas, the less surface humanity will have to live on. And those people living on islands or shores are the first ones that will be affected.

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